Thursday, 5 March 2015

Choc Chip Cookie Bars

Yup you read the title right. I said choc chip cookie BARS!

A few days ago i stumbled upon a whole page of yummy bars on Pinterest. There were all sorts of treats that people had made into a bar. Now this intrigued me because, being British and married to an American i was well aware that American bakeries sell bars of things (Huge Flour Child Bakery social media stalker) and no British bakeries do. I've always wanted to try a dessert bar, but because i have never been to America i have not got to try any YET.
 So when i stumbled across THIS recipe i wasted no time in getting in the kitchen and baking up a batch. A huge batch at that.

The recipe was so easy i'm tempted to go out and buy every single variety of 'chips' that the supermarket has to offer so i can make a ton of different sorts.... But i best finish the huge plate sat in my kitchen first!

I should have known they were going to be awesome when i saw the finished cookie dough waiting to be put in the tin *baker heaven*. I mean seriously, how can anything that starts off looking like this end up being terrible???

Of course i ended up tucking into one as soon as they had cooled down enough to handle. They were still warm and gooey inside which is just how a chocolate chip cookie should be eaten in my opinion. Next time i may add less chocolate chips as the taste of the brown sugar and everything else that makes a good tasting cookie was lost in the flavour of the chocolate (which isnt necessarily a bad thing). 

Now off to munch one since my mouth is watering after talking about them!

It was a short but sweet (get it?) blog tonight but i hope it persuaded you to give this recipe a try!

Love Jade x

Psst...  to clarify: this is NOT my recipe. (I wish it was haha)

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