Wednesday, 25 February 2015



Since Valentines wasn't really that long ago i would use the day as the topic of my first ever blog! :) 

This year i went down the DIY route for my husbands gifts once again (last year when we were doubting i made him a word cloud) and made him a picture using his favourite chewing tobacco cans as well a drinks carrier with some of his favourite things in as well as a few cheesy things. He LOVED them both. I also bought him a card which is currently taking up residence on the fish tank. 

We also went out to dinner at Giraffe. Normally we would have gone somewhere Italian and i so wish we had booked in January to go somewhere we actually like because as it turns out, Giraffe is not a very good place at all. I now know why it always looks empty when i walk past on my way to the cinema. My food was ok but my husband said his was not good at all apart from the potato wedges and we both agree the service was terrible.

I chose the Chorizo Carbonara and Rocky Road Sundae and Chris had the Beer Battered Cod with the Chocolate Brownie for dessert. Now when looking at a menu i always expect the description to tell me exactly what i am going to be eating if i choose that particular dish. Suffice to say the chorizo carbonara's description failed to mention that it would make my lips and tongue burn.Don't get me wrong i like a bit of spice but i like to KNOW when something is going to be that hot. I removed all the pieces of chorizo to the side of my bowl and the heat automatically dispersed when finishing my pasta, however it left the dish tasting very rich. I normally love chorizo but something tells me the chef cooked it with something extremely spicy which completely ruined the dish in my opinion. 

The Sundae was nothing to write home about either, just a few scoops of ice cream with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, warm brownie pieces (since when is there brownie in rocky road?!) and some marshmallows which were like little bullets. Oh, and a strawberry (the best part of the whole meal aside from my hubby's company).

I also had a bite of one of chris' potato wedges - they were awesome and a bite of his brownie - it wasn't very good, there was something other than chocolate in it which made it taste a bit odd. He said that the fish was tasteless.

Gosh that turned into a bit of a restaurant review didn't it?! I would like to go back again to try something different but the service was just so bad i don't think i ever will. 
Anyway, we had a lovely day overall and i LOVED crafting his gifts. They are so much more personal than shop bought items i think :)

Love Jade x

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